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Hi, my name is Melody and I guide Heart-Centered and Emotionally Aware Individuals to awaken to their highest potential… so they can move from playing it small and feeling unworthy… into open–hearted, intuitively guided and authentically empowered to discover their Soul’s Journey at a deeper level.

YOU = amazing, gifted and wise. Can you feel it?

Perhaps you can relate:

  • Were you taught to follow knowledge, past experience and outer teachings, however… you just know that you have powerful and accurate intuition that is beyond anything you’ve been told or taught?
  • Were you told that logic was more important and/or more acceptable than emotions, however… you have a deep emotional nature that is just who you are?
  • Have you ever felt different or wished you could just fit in and be more like everyone else, however… you have a deep inner driving force that strives to be uniquely YOU?
  • Do you feel grateful for your life and all that you have, however… you just know that there is more for you to do, to be and to share in this lifetime?

You have a sacred and divine path to follow – one that includes opportunities to use your unique gifts, abilities, wisdom and insights. Along the way there will be pitfalls and challenges, however, all of it is there to support you in releasing your limitations, so you can reveal more of YOU and your true nature.

That’s where I come in. My gifts allow me to see your truth, understand who you truly are, and what is standing in the way of your fulfillment and happiness. Then working in profound and deeply personal ways, I can guide you to a deeper sense of yourself, to become more intuitive, and find the inspiration, connection and confidence you desire to live your truth.

Are you ready to Awaken Your Highest Potential?

Melody, you have expanded me to such levels of growth that I had no idea I could reach. You have shown me that I am limitless. Thank you for being you.
– Linda Mullen
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"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know
what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
– Steve Jobs