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What Clients Are Saying
"Wow wow wow - what a session. I had no idea I could ever come to a point of awareness like this - you are a miracle and a miracle worker. Thank you for doing what you do for people like me "
Valerie Lothian
"Melody’s gifts are truly remarkable! Her guidance is so pure and full of divine love. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking profound spiritual healing, understanding and transformation."
Sarah Wenaus
"I am so grateful for all you helped me with over the past few years! I am feeling so much more joy in my life than I ever have and it’s an awesome feeling! (happy dance!) So THANK YOU! From the whole of my heart!"
Angela Suwala
"Melody, you have expanded me to such levels of growth that I had no idea I could reach. You have shown me that I am limitless. Thank you for being you."
Linda Mullen
"With Melody’s help, I have felt more empowered to shift challenges in my life and step into a more powerful and trusting space!"
Rosemary Veilleux

About Melody

Do you understand the personal power that exists within you to connect with your inner wisdom, live your purpose, experience fulfillment in all areas of your life, and engage with the world around you in a more meaningful way?

imageI believe this work chose me... I was on a different path within the corporate world. I spent so much of my life doing what I thought I was supposed to do and so much energy always trying to do the right thing, without really knowing what the right thing was.

I remember feeling as though the real me was was litterally inside screaming to get out, and I couldn't free her. I felt so bound by feelings of obligations and expectations, mine and others, that I had blocked my own inner desires. Being who I thought I needed to be and who others thought I should be was paramount for me. I thought that there was no other way - that if I wanted to feel loved, accepted and with a sense of belonging, that’s what I had to do. So I hid who I was and become something... someone else. It was a sad and confusing time in my life.

I realized that I had blocked my own intuitive voice, stopped listening to my heart
and was not living the life that I wanted… or that made me happy.

Finally I’d had enough and decided to pay attention to that inner feeling that there was more out there for me… that who I was and how I was made was perfect for my life and could guide me, if I would allow it. That inner desire led me to study with some of the greatest visionaries and teachers of our time; Dr. Theresa Dale, Sister Florence Leduc, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Margaret Lynch, Gregg Braden, Denise Linn and many others. Along the way I found my purpose, my passion and my gifts … and an opportunity to share them with others.

"I believe in the potential of the human spirit - that we are all profoundly creative and capable of greatness. It is this belief that has been the catalyst for change in my own life and in the lives of my clients."

I feel blessed and inspired each day to do the work that I do. My gifts allow me to see a person’s truth, to understand who they are, what is standing in the way of their success and happiness, and how to help them shift out of their limitations and back into their truth and power. Being able to see and connect with a person’s unique perspective and guide them back to their own personal power is both a joy and a mission for me.

If you pay attention, life always shows you what you need – it is the greatest teacher there is, but sometimes you need a guide. I work with my clients to interpret the signs that their life is showing them, so they can reclaim their personal power to create more happiness, balance and fulfillment. I believe that for all of us, our role in this lifetime is to become the greatest, grandest version of who we really came here to be.

That is why I am so passionate about helping others to find their most intuitive, gifted and brilliant selves. For over 20 years, I have worked with thousands of people to connect them with their inner guidance system and find appreciation for their own uniqueness. By guiding and inspiring others to align more fully with their authentic self, people are able to embrace their inner wisdom, connect with their purpose, passion and gifts, and find their intuitive voice to make lasting changes in their life.

Let me show you how to reveal your own Inner Wisdom…