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What Clients Are Saying
"Wow wow wow - what a session. I had no idea I could ever come to a point of awareness like this - you are a miracle and a miracle worker. Thank you for doing what you do for people like me "
Valerie Lothian
"Melody’s gifts are truly remarkable! Her guidance is so pure and full of divine love. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking profound spiritual healing, understanding and transformation."
Sarah Wenaus
"I am so grateful for all you helped me with over the past few years! I am feeling so much more joy in my life than I ever have and it’s an awesome feeling! (happy dance!) So THANK YOU! From the whole of my heart!"
Angela Suwala
"Melody, you have expanded me to such levels of growth that I had no idea I could reach. You have shown me that I am limitless. Thank you for being you."
Linda Mullen
"With Melody’s help, I have felt more empowered to shift challenges in my life and step into a more powerful and trusting space!"
Rosemary Veilleux

My Philosophy

Over the many years that I have been on a journey to live a more heart-centered life, I have discovered many things that I know to be true. These truths guide and shape my life (and my work) and keep me on track for remembering who I am and who I came here to be. They are…

We Are All Profoundly Wise

I discovered that I, along with many people, had become used to giving my power away. From a very young age, someone told me what to do, what to think, what to believe and so one. Claiming my power again was so freeing, but also a little scary. It required me to acknowledge that I knew more than I had been told or taught. I began to realize that other’s wisdom, although well intentioned, didn’t always work for me. Even when those people had more life experience or were deamed an authority in a certain area, I was still the expert on me and what I needed. So I began to ask myself “what makes sense for me?” or “what do I need?” or “is this the right thing for me?” and I discovered that I had my own inner wisdom and I could feel the answer to these questions. I realized that within me, there was access to wisdom, far beyond that which I had been taught or told, that could guide me, support me, nurture me and help me to feel connected to my own truth and my own path, in a way that served me best.

Our Wisdom Presents Itself in our Life in a Variety of Ways

As I tuned into my own wisdom and discovered the ways in which I was guided, I realized that there are many ways to receive wisdom; hear it, see it, feel it, sense it, know it, or have it repeated around me in moments of synchronicity or "aha's". For me, I often feel my intuition in my body as a gut hunch, vibe or instinct. Sometimes I know what I’m feeling right away, while other times I need to be willing to sit with the feeling to let it unfold and bring its wisdom. As I learnt to listen to, trust and follow my intuition, I felt guided to make decisions and choices that at times, didn’t make logical sense, but felt right for me … and as a result, they turned out to be great choices for me. I realized that as I began to listen to and honour my own wisdom, it grew. I would feel more, know more and sense more. I felt more in tune with it and able to trust my own inner guidance and to allow it to unfold in my life. It helped me to stand in a place of not allowing anyone else’s wisdom to replace my own – not with arrogance, but with the assurance that what feels and seems best for me, generally is.

What Works For Someone Else May Not Work For Me

I discovered that walking my own path is important – a 'one-size fits all' approach simply does not work. We all resonate with different things and following someone else’s path, without first asking if it is for you, sets you up for failure. I tried that. I would see someone living the life I thought I wanted and believed that their success meant they had the 'answer'. So I would try to duplicate it and discovered that it's our energy and the truth behind our actions, that creates success and happiness. Since I wasn't following my path, all I got was stuck and confused. So I began to seek out teachers who could help me to reveal me and I discovered the wisdom and joy in my uniqueness. When I stopped trying to fit my square peg into the round hole, I achieved what I had desired all along… a sense of belonging, fulfillment and satisfaction. I simply did not know that it had to come from inside of me; I had not realized that I held the key to it all along.

Everything Happens to Transform Us, if We Allow it

Everything that happens in our lives presents us with an opportunity to change, or grow, or adapt. The most profound gifts and lessons often come disguised as difficult moments. Those moments allow us to be more or to be different, if we choose it. That is an important point – we are not a product of our environment or our past, but rather of the choice of who we became because of it. As is true of many people, I had my share of childhood trauma; issues with my health, surgeries, family challenges, etc. For much of my life they ruled me and I became a fearful and nervous person, afraid to trust, take a risk and definitely too afraid to believe in myself. As I began to recognize the gifts that each of these moments from my past brought me, it allowed me to move past them and use them to transform my present. I was able to see the blessings and the gift in each of these moments – I could see how it make me better or more… and I found great peace in that.

Who I Am Is Okay

Accepting that I am okay, just as I am, was the most powerful and the most difficult truth for me to integrate and experience in my life. I became aware of how powerful and negative my inner critic was – it would judge and condemn me for everything. I realized that voice, which had become so familiar, filled my head with more negative than positive, more judgement than acceptance and more hurt than help. When I truly became aware of that inner critic and listened to its words with a 'critical ear', I discovered that the messages were not even true – it would repeat mis-truths or perspectives from the past that had little or no relevance for the present. What a revelation – not everything in my mind is true! I also recognized that my inner critic wasn't trying to hurt me, but rather in its immature and limited way, to help me. It perceived danger in new opportunities and in order to keep me safe, it would repeat belief systems and attitudes intended to keep me where I was. As I began to love that part of myself for its intention (to keep me safe), I began to transform the moments in my past that had created the belief that I wasn't safe, that I couldn't trust or I shouldn't try new things for fear of the outcome. What a wonderful tool – to use understanding, appreciation and love to heal the pain and change the messages. My messages now are … "I am okay just as I am"… "Who I am is needed"… "How I do things is just fine". My past, my experiences and my transformations are all part of my journey… and it’s all good.

My Light is Needed

We all have a message… even if we don’t quite know it yet. Growing up, I felt different. I looked at things differently (I am a truth-seeker), I saw beneath the surface (I look for the real meaning), or I simply knew things (I have wisdom). I didn’t know growing up that these were my gifts… but I do now. We all have gifts, abilities and ways in which we see the world, that are a positive expression to ourselves and others. Do you know that there is something that you do better than almost else on this planet? When you own your light, which is your expression of your unique gifts, abilities, attitude and aptitude, you bring forth a perspective that is needed, wanted and transformative. The world needs your light. It needs who you are, what has happened to you, what you have chosen, who you have become and who you intended to be. All of these pieces are the you that is unique and qualified to speak and live your message, and your truth.

So these are my truths… my messages. I share them with you in the hope that they offer you some insight into the uniqueness and beauty that is truly you.