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Intentions for 2013

Here we are at the start of a new year, always filled with promise for what is to come. 2013 is a year that many are calling the beginning of a new consciousness – a new way of thinking, living and being that comes from a more heart-centered place.

What are the changes that you desire for 2013? What is it that you want to do, create or experience more of in the coming months?

Take a few moments to decide on your intentions for this year. The energy at the beginning the year, in particular this year, sets the tone for what is to follow.

So what do you desire? What are your dreams? What matters most to you? As you sit and focus on your intentions, allow room in your heart for the intuition and insight you need to be guided to create, allow, reveal and above all else…


Bitter or Better

Your life is an accumulation of all that you have experienced, along with what you believe about those experiences and who you become as a result of them. It’s an important distinction … you are not simply a product of your environment, but rather a product of who you choose to become as a result of your environment. Every challenge in your life has the potential to reveal a message or provide guidance and while you may not always be able to control what happens to you, you are always in control of who you become from what happens to you.

Two people can go through the same experience and come through it differently. One person who is bullied as a child may become bitter and angry, while another will learn the value of compassion. It is the willingness within your heart to see the opportunity is every situation that determines its outcome within your life.

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Defining Happiness

What is happiness … what does it take to create a happier life? 

What really makes you feel good has less to do with what’s around you and more to do with what’s within you – it’s not the having something that defines happiness, but how it makes you feel. For example, a loving relationship for one person can leave them feeling supported and safe. For another, it can activate so many insecurities that they end up feeling anxious and uncertain.

The only path to truly feeling happy and satisfied in life is to uncover and discover the parts of you that know how to feel worthy enough to have what you want.

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Releasing Resentments

What if you saw those people who annoyed or
challenged you as messengers from the universe sent
to show you something in you in need of attention, healing
or growth … would you look at them differently?

Do you feel that you need others to change so that you can be happy?  Are these familiar thoughts (or comments) for you – “if only they would do this … or not do that … or be more like this, then everything would be better”?

Now here’s the interesting thing … when someone else’s behavior is a challenge for you, it’s often because they are pushing against an inner fear or insecurity that you hold. You want them to change so you can feel better … so that you can feel some relief from the emotional discomfort you are currently feeling. The challenge is that this is just a temporary fix. If you don’t deal with the actual issue, which is your internal wound, then someone or something else will come along to push against it.

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Woulda … Coulda … Shoulda

I used to look longingly at life, wishing for things that I didn’t think I could have, or do, or be. I realized that there were so many things that I wished I’d done or tried, and it made me sad. So I made a decision to face my fears, try more new things and eliminate woulda, coulda, shoulda from my vocabulary (“I wish I woulda”, “I coulda done that”, “I shoulda tried, etc.). 

From that point on, when faced with a new opportunity that scared me, one that in the past I would have talked myself out of trying for fear of failure, I began to list the worst case scenario. I would ask myself, “what’s the worst that could happen and can I live with that?”. I discovered that the answer was often YES. And not only could I live with the worst that could happen, I was so excited by the possibility of the best that could happen … and how my life could change if it did.

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