Make Friends with Your Fear

Do you know the purpose of fear in your life?

To clarify, I am not taking about caution. Caution is an intuitive message intended to guide you, act as a warning, or keep you safe. A message of caution will tell you to do something … or to not do something – for example, “do this”, “this isn’t the right thing for you”, “be on guard”, “run”, etc. These messages should be listened to.

Now, fear is different. With fear you feel distressed, nervous or worried, but often you’re not quite sure why. It shows up when you’re about to do something new or different, and leaves you feeling that something might be wrong … or more so, you might be wrong.

Your fear serves a very important role … it shows you where you are growing and helps you to clarify the direction. When you feel afraid, it often gives you pause and has you asking questions like “is this for me”, “should I be doing this”, or “can I do this”. It helps you to get clearer about where you are going and what you want.

Once you realize that your fear is actually a sign you are growing, it can completely transform your relationship with it. Fear stems from that part of you that is afraid to fail, or to look foolish, or to be thought badly of. It comes from the part of you that wants to stay in one place, so you don’t have to worry about failure or feeling insecure.

So next time you are about to embark on something new or different and feel afraid, try talking to yourself. Comfort yourself with reminders of times when you stretched beyond where you are and it worked out … or when you tried something new and perhaps didn’t have the desired outcome, but learned a valuable lesson.

If you can make friends with your fear, you can begin to see it as a sign of growth … the bigger the fear, the greater the opportunity to become more.  In that moment, your fear is simply as an opportunity for you to release a limiting thought or internal roadblock. That’s all it is … just a road map inward to something that once acknowledged and released, can allow you to expand into more.

So … just for today, think of something that you would like to do, but are afraid. Now, just for today, what would it feel like to face that fear and see the message that it is bringing? Ahhh, can you feel how empowering it is to allow your fear to be a motivator, rather than a roadblock.