Are You Doing What You Are Great At?

I heard this line in a movie and it really touched me – “Most people don’t do what they are great at. Instead they do what is easiest (or expected) and then spend the rest of their life regretting it.” While everyone is born with unique gifts and abilities that is their greatness, not everyone feel safe or comfortable stepping into them.

There is something special and unique within you – it is your Divine Brilliance and the way you shine brightly. You came here to share your divine light and when it is cultivated and expressed unhindered, it flows easily and naturally, allowing you to do what you are great at… and to feel good doing it.

So what stops this natural flow?

Your Gifts Were Not Seen as Valuable

As a child, you may have received (or perceived) messages that caused you to dull down your light when parts of you were not seen as acceptable, necessary or valuable. Your early childhood messages from your family, mirror back to you which aspects of yourself are ‘okay’ and should flourish, and those that are ‘less desirable’ and should stay hidden in the shadows.

Without an opportunity to have unconditional acceptance of who you are mirrored back as a child, you may have tried to become more of what was considered acceptable, even if it wasn’t natural or true for you. This often leaves many of your gifts and abilities stuck within the background of your life.

Your Light Makes Others Uncomfortable

Another reason many people don’t do more of what they are great at, is that growing up their gifts may have made others uncomfortable or caused problems. Not everyone is okay with seeing others succeed, achieve, or be too happy, and when others are uncomfortable with observing you in the presence of doing what you are great at, their negative reactions can be disruptive to your well-being.

This can leave you feeling responsible for how others feel, and can affect your ability to feel good about your own gifts and accomplishments. Then choosing to hide your light or dumb yourself down for the sake of others, can seem more important than doing what you are great at.

Fitting In Is More Important

Fitting in can often be seen as more important than being authentic, so from a early age many strive to belong within their family and community. We thrive when we feel a sense of connection and belonging, which is often amplified by feeling similar to those around us. However, if you instead felt quite different than those around you, that difference may have felt like a negative.

Instead of “yay isn’t it great to be me”, which inspires your greatness, you may have felt “uh-oh, I’m different and it’s not okay” and from that, believe you much change in order to fit in. This often happens when your natural way of being is quite different than those around you – which is quite common for many Highly Sensitive and Empathic people. The desire to be like everyone else can then becomes a powerful motivator in choosing to repress aspects of yourself that you deem unacceptable… even those aspects that my be part of your unique brilliance.

How I Hid My Brilliance

For me, my family valued and appreciated logic and reality (over intuition), fitting in (over being unique) and being emotionally subdued (over showing your emotions). So as a child, I didn’t see my emotionally sensitive and intuitive nature as valuable, so I hid it… even from myself!

Growing up I used to feel so different, and that my difference was absolutely not okay. So I repressed those parts that didn’t seem acceptable and tried desperately to become what I thought I should be. I tried to live my life doing what was expected and worked diligently to ignore those parts of me (my gifts) that were inside trying to emerge.

So I know how easy it is to get out of sync with your True Nature

Stepping Into the Magic

Even if your childhood didn’t offer exactly what you felt you needed in order to let your True Nature and Inner Brilliance shine, it’s never too late to do that for yourself.

Something really magical happens when you decide that living true to yourself, and allowing your greatness out, is not just important, but imperative for your own well-being.

Even just setting the intention to choose what feels right for you, over what you think you must/should do, can make a huge difference in how easily you allow your natural brilliance to shine through and inspire you. Other strategies include:

  • Consider what you do really well and/or those things that others count on you to do or help them with. These are often clues into your unique and natural brilliance.
  • Think about what you love doing just for the sheer joy of it – the things that you want to do and lose track of time when you are doing them (basically what lights you up). Try not to link your passion and enjoyment into a sense of needing to do what seems valued or valuable (to yourself or others). Allow your inspiration to be your guiding force, rather than your sense of obligation or belief that you must spent your time doing what makes ‘sense’.
  • Now here’s a fun question… if money and resources were not a limiting factor for you in any way, how would you like to spend your time and what would you be doing? How can you find ways right now to do more of that?

Article Comments

  1. Awesome read – you bring clarity to how simple it is to arrive at the notion of fitting in will make life so much easier when in fact it stifles and dims our light! The steps “out” are very much appreciated- Thank you Melody!