Bitter or Better

Your life is an accumulation of all that you have experienced, along with what you believe about those experiences and who you become as a result of them. It’s an important distinction … you are not simply a product of your environment, but rather a product of who you choose to become as a result of your environment. Every challenge in your life has the potential to reveal a message or provide guidance and while you may not always be able to control what happens to you, you are always in control of who you become from what happens to you.

Two people can go through the same experience and come through it differently. One person who is bullied as a child may become bitter and angry, while another will learn the value of compassion. It is the willingness within your heart to see the opportunity is every situation that determines its outcome within your life.

Opportunities often come disguised as a challenge because for most of us, we operate from unconscious patterns with such alarming regularity, that it often takes something to knock us off our course so that we can begin to look at things differently. It is those very challenges that when reflected back on, reveal wisdom and insight that allow a person to make changes or a new decision or simply become clearer about what they really want in life.

By looking at the patterns in your life, you create the power to change them and release any control your past may have over you. It is not necessary for you to completely understand why something happened in order to gain value from it. (The desire to understand everything is often a trap of the logical mind in its attempt to control and it can leave you stuck in a situation and unable to move from it.) The more powerful question is “what happens now?”. By looking at who you can become, what more you can know and what else there is for you, you will discover a greater and grander perspective of you and your life.

So remember, the situations of your life have the potential to make you bitter or better – which do you choose?