Angel Whispers


Seeking Happiness

I was speaking with a client recently and we got on the subject of happiness. She said something that I’ve heard from countless people over the years – “I have so much and yet all I really want is to be happy and I don’t know how to get there”.

I think many people feel blessed to have a good life, with great people in it and wonderful opportunities. And yet… something is still missing.

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Bringing In New Energy

Try Something New Today

Can You Feel the Earth Exhaling and Relaxing?

The COVID-19 Virus is creating issues and struggles that are beyond anything we’ve experienced in recent times and yet, underneath it all there is an underlying peacefulness and calm. With all the self-isolation, the world is quiet… and while that may be creating a challenge for many on an individual level, it is extremely powerful and impactful at a collective level.

The world is breathing a sigh of relief and release from the normal burdens of managing all the activity, busyness and intense energy, and if you relax and settle into your breath, you can feel it. You can actually feel the earth exhale, as it relaxes to embody a sense of peace, calm and healing that is truly remarkable. So I invite you to breathe, relax, and settle into the peacefulness of the earth.

Emotional Scabs

I often have powerful Inner Journeys that take me to amazing places, show me interesting things, and teach me empowering messages – I recently had one that showed me how we hold onto old wounds by creating an ’emotional scab’.

Instead of completely letting go and healing difficult circumstances, we attempt to cover them over and move past them. While it might seem as though they have been dealt with, you can never really move past something that hasn’t been completely resolved.

So what is an emotional scab?

When you have a physical wound, a scab is formed as a protection while it heals. The body then goes about healing and you know it’s done when the wound is transformed back to skin, or you have a scar in its place. The same is true of emotional wounds.

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Releasing Resistance on Your Soulful Journey

We are in the midst of a massive awakening. More and more people are heeding the inner call of their soul to awaken to their highest potential, and trust their True Nature as the dominant guiding force within their life.

Within this massive shift, there is also an opposing force that resists this change. As more and more spiritual energy becomes available for those who are awake to their own insights and inspirations, you will find others, and even aspects of yourself, that desire the status quo instead of something new. Whether conscious or not, the desire to numb, tune out or disconnect from this powerful inner calling, creates equally powerful resistance (how strange that we often resist the very thing that we either want or need!).

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