Woulda … Coulda … Shoulda

I used to look longingly at life, wishing for things that I didn’t think I could have, or do, or be. I realized that there were so many things that I wished I’d done or tried, and it made me sad. So I made a decision to face my fears, try more new things and eliminate woulda, coulda, shoulda from my vocabulary (“I wish I woulda”, “I coulda done that”, “I shoulda tried, etc.). 

From that point on, when faced with a new opportunity that scared me, one that in the past I would have talked myself out of trying for fear of failure, I began to list the worst case scenario. I would ask myself, “what’s the worst that could happen and can I live with that?”. I discovered that the answer was often YES. And not only could I live with the worst that could happen, I was so excited by the possibility of the best that could happen … and how my life could change if it did.

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