Defining Happiness

What is happiness … what does it take to create a happier life? 

What really makes you feel good has less to do with what’s around you and more to do with what’s within you – it’s not the having something that defines happiness, but how it makes you feel. For example, a loving relationship for one person can leave them feeling supported and safe. For another, it can activate so many insecurities that they end up feeling anxious and uncertain.

The only path to truly feeling happy and satisfied in life is to uncover and discover the parts of you that know how to feel worthy enough to have what you want.

So think of all of that you desire. Next, decide who you need to become to achieve or allow it. What new characteristics or traits do you need to adopt? What do you need to feel, think or believe that’s different? What do you need to change about how you act or react?  What can you do differently, so you can break old patterns and habits that no longer serve you?

As you work to create this inner alignment with your desires, it changes you. You begin to let go of old hurts, belief systems that no longer serve you and attitudes that stifle your own wisdom and creative expression. You begin to step into an expanded version of yourself … one that has the ability to create what you want and believe that you deserve it.

Then when your desire shows up, it feels good. It’s rewarding and satisfying … you feel comfortable and ready to receive it … you know that you are worthy of having it.

So what is the true path to happiness? The art of uncovering and discovering the YOU that can achieve and feel deserving of everything you want in life … and allowing yourself to feel good in the process.