Emotional Scabs

I often have powerful Inner Journeys that take me to amazing places, show me interesting things, and teach me empowering messages – I recently had one that showed me how we hold onto old wounds by creating an ’emotional scab’.

Instead of completely letting go and healing difficult circumstances, we attempt to cover them over and move past them. While it might seem as though they have been dealt with, you can never really move past something that hasn’t been completely resolved.

So what is an emotional scab?

When you have a physical wound, a scab is formed as a protection while it heals. The body then goes about healing and you know it’s done when the wound is transformed back to skin, or you have a scar in its place. The same is true of emotional wounds.

An emotional scab is formed when aspects of a situation have not yet been fully dealt with, resolved, experienced, or felt. Once given a voice and allowed to release, emotional healing is then experienced as a release from the pain, shame, blame, resistance or inner negative messages. It can then become a transformation beyond the experience, and an integration of its lessons, messages or gifts.

In my Inner Journey I discovered an emotional scab covering an experience from when I was 11 years old and my parents decided to split up. As my inner guidance drew me to that memory (that I thought I had healed), I realized all of the emotional pain that was still there waiting to be felt. And what I didn’t realize until that moment, is that along with the buried pain was also so many misconceptions. In my 11-year old mind, I perceived all sorts of reasons as to why this was happening, how it would impact me and how I might have been responsible. So much that was not true and from that, so many limiting (and false) beliefs that I then created about myself.

Whatever you need to feel and experience in order to move forward in life, that is often the very thing that is hidden underneath an emotional scab. Until you heal it, you will carry it.

The surprising thing was that once I gave myself permission to fully experience it all (that’s the key), it only took a few minutes – a few minutes to release something I had been carrying around for years and to then shine light on the misconceptions that had been negatively impacting me ever since. That awareness was so freeing.

When you have an emotional wound that you are trying to bury, cover over or pretend isn’t a problem because it’s ‘in the past’, it takes time, effort and energy away from you – and likely much more than you fully realize. That scabbed over and buried wound then haunts you by creating false or limiting beliefs, and negative triggers that feed you false information about your current experiences.

In reality, there is no such thing as a buried wound… only one that still needs to be addressed.

So where do you have an emotional scab that needs to be picked off? What you are not feeling, or not dealing with from your past? What memories still haunt you? What experiences do you try to ‘not think about’ because they still feel painful, emotional or raw? These types of questions are powerful pathways into areas of resistance, limitation or misconceptions, just waiting to be healed.

My gift to you: Inner Journeys can be a magical and mystical experience that allows you to heal, expand, integrate and transform. If you would like a copy of my short Inner Journey Healing Meditation, please email me at This meditation will allow you to create a powerful connection with your innate Inner Wisdom through Inner Journeying.