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Loving Reminders – You are Loved

You are loved! (and there is so much to love about you)

Loving Reminders – Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself and your dreams…

Loving Reminders – Share Your Gifts

Share your gifts… you have so much to offer!

Loving Reminders – Shine Brightly

Shine Brightly! (afterall that is your true nature)

Loving Reminders – Trust Yourself

Recently I was walking through the park near my home and was greeted by a path of inspirational and uplifting messages that someone had created. They called it the Path of Positivity and using colourful chalk, had written beautiful messages all down the sidewalk.

As I was walking along reading these messages, I was struck by how much it uplifted my mood and opened my heart. It was so beautiful that I wanted to share my own version of this with you.

It is my hope that these Loving Reminders will inspire you to remember your true and authentic nature, which is one of Light and Love.

Sending you all my love…

Trust yourself – you are wise beyond measure!