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Loving Reminders – Share Your Gifts

Share your gifts… you have so much to offer!

Loving Reminders – Shine Brightly

Shine Brightly! (afterall that is your true nature)

Loving Reminders – Trust Yourself

Recently I was walking through the park near my home and was greeted by a path of inspirational and uplifting messages that someone had created. They called it the Path of Positivity and using colourful chalk, had written beautiful messages all down the sidewalk.

As I was walking along reading these messages, I was struck by how much it uplifted my mood and opened my heart. It was so beautiful that I wanted to share my own version of this with you.

It is my hope that these Loving Reminders will inspire you to remember your true and authentic nature, which is one of Light and Love.

Sending you all my love…

Trust yourself – you are wise beyond measure!

Being in Your Heart vs. Opening Your Heart

Life is fleeting – we all know that and often, there are circumstances that happen to remind us of its tenuous nature. That was true for me on May 30th when my world got turned upside down. What started out as a beautiful spring day, turned into a horrible nightmare when my sweet and sensitive little 6-pound dog Bella (my constant companion), was viciously attacked by a German Shepherd.

As I was being rushed with her to the vet, I got a message so strongly that I must stay in my heart and allow it to remain open. I remember wondering why, or more specifically how… how do I stay open-hearted in the midst of something so traumatic, when all I really wanted to do was go into auto-pilot? While Bella did survive the initial attacks, despite the efforts of some amazing vets she did succumb to her wounds, and  passed away one week later.

The circumstances behind this incident was a perfect storm of unfortunate (or divinely timed) moments. I knew immediately that this was something that was meant to happen. While I don’t know why, I do recognize the number of unusual events it took for this to unfold as it did. Even with that understanding, it is still a challenge to navigate through the lessons and opportunities that are sometimes brought to us in times of trauma, drama or tragedy.

Loss has unfortunately become an all too common theme for me in the past 5 years with the loss of 7 loved ones. In addition to my 2 fur babies (Bella last week and Nikita late last year), I also lost my dad, step-father, an aunt, along with my cousin and her son, who each took their own life within 6 months of each other. “Wow” and “WTF” are thoughts that have invaded my mind with each new loss or tragedy… and this one is no different.

What has been clear for me through this loss with Bella, is that there is something profound within it for me that is still unfolding. While all loss has the potential to open us up, in this situation I have been called (yelled at actually) to fully open my heart and remain open through all of the pieces that are yet to be revealed.

So in my most raw and vulnerable moments, I discovered some powerful hits of clarity and insight, overwhelming love and support, and amazing moments of synchronicity. I have also experienced profound sorrow, deep guilt and regret, shock at an $8,000 vet bill (which I would do again for the chance to save her) and intense anger and frustration at the owner of the other dog that thus far, has refused to accept any responsibility.

Through all of this I have discovered that being in my heart and having an open heart is not the same thing. The first one challenges me to allow my heart to guide and lead me forward. The second and more difficult one requires me to also be willing to be open, raw and vulnerable; to own, feel and allow in everything without pretense, avoidance or denial. It requires my heart walls to come down – and those walls have been up for a long time!

Whew… what a journey. Thank you for allowing me to share. Sending you all my love

A Healing Versus a Cure

While often used interchangeably, there is a difference between a healing and a cure. A healing is a return to wholeness. A cure is the elimination or relief of a condition or disease. You can actually experience a profound healing, without first experiencing a cure of whatever condition you are currently going through.

Your soul is always seeking a return to the wholeness and oneness of its perfection.

All of your circumstances, even (especially) those that seem to bring you to your knees in frustration, desperation or pain, are geared towards healing; they are geared towards creating an opening within you to experience a sense of wholeness into, and a remembering of, your innate divine nature.

Your opportunity (and challenge) is to then recognize and acknowledge that you can exist with a condition that has not (yet) been cured, and still receive a healing from it… and that its existence is not a punishment by the universe, or a sign that you are doing something wrong.

Now this does not negate how difficult it can be when you are in the midst of a physical, mental or emotional challenge or problem. Life is sometimes tricky and having a Pollyanna view of life that tells you to smile through your struggles, or pretend that all is well, simply doesn’t work. Instead feel it all. Experience it all. Be in your frustration, your pain, your anger and your fear, with openness and honesty.

Healing is invited in when you remove the judgement that there is something wrong with what you are going through and that you must first experience a cure or elimination of your problem(s) before you can be happy, or move forward in life, or feel worthy of more. While your mind may choose to judge your experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, it is the desire to simply be in whatever you are going through, that will open your heart and allow an expansion into the wholeness of your true and authentic nature.

All of your experiences are a sacred invitation to return to the source of your True Nature. You are constantly being invited to break down barriers, open your heart and dance with the divine unfolding of the circumstances within your life.

Wherever you have a block or limitation, the Universe will bring something into your awareness to help you resolve it. While you may not understand it in the moment, there is a divine unfolding of whatever is needed to awaken you to your potential. The beautiful thing is that it is  beyond anything that you may know, think or be able to understand with your logical mind, and will unfold with spiritual precision and timing.

You are a unique expression of your divine light, inner wisdom and outer experience, all coming together to awaken you to deeper levels of insights, gifts, awareness and opportunities. So be gentle with yourself, honest with what you are feeling and open to the divine healing power that can be brought to any situation.