Releasing Resentments

What if you saw those people who annoyed or
challenged you as messengers from the universe sent
to show you something in you in need of attention, healing
or growth … would you look at them differently?

Do you feel that you need others to change so that you can be happy?  Are these familiar thoughts (or comments) for you – “if only they would do this … or not do that … or be more like this, then everything would be better”?

Now here’s the interesting thing … when someone else’s behavior is a challenge for you, it’s often because they are pushing against an inner fear or insecurity that you hold. You want them to change so you can feel better … so that you can feel some relief from the emotional discomfort you are currently feeling. The challenge is that this is just a temporary fix. If you don’t deal with the actual issue, which is your internal wound, then someone or something else will come along to push against it.

So here’s what happens, someone does something that you don’t like and that behavior leaves you feeling unworthy, unloved, unimportant, not listened to, or whatever. So you think that it’s them and their actions that are the challenge. However, in actuality they are simply the reflection of a deeper issue within you.

So next time you believe that you need someone to change so that you can be happy, instead see that person or situation as a sign of something that needs your attention. By choosing to look for the deeper issue, which is your inner fear or insecurity, you are well on your way to feeling better in a way that touches your soul and brings true insight to your life experiences.

Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you can find a way to truly feel better and the power to do so is within you. Now that’s truly empowering!