You have within you two guiding forces – your logic and your intuition.

Logic serves to tell you what has been. It is your connection to the present moment and uses past experience as a guide to determine what makes sense.

In contrast, intuition is a powerful force that shows you what could be. It is your connection to the potential and possibility that exists beyond your current circumstances.

While logic serves a very powerful role, it cannot understand intuition.

Does this sound familiar? You get an intuitive hit, say a gut feeling or a sense of knowing, and you run it through your logic. Since your logic cannot understand it, from a logical perspective your intuitive idea may seem irrational, silly or simply wrong… and following it, downright scary. I call this logicizing.

Logicizing is where you try to understand new possibilities (your intuition) using the part of you that manages your present reality (logic). It just doesn’t work. And yet for many, not taking a chance, not following your intuitive wisdom, becomes dependent on logically understanding it.

Now I’m going to offer a suggestion that may feel illogical (literally!). Next time you have an intuitive hit that involves taking action or making a change that you can do without too much risk or worry, give yourself permission to act on it, without judgement or attachment to the outcome. Allow yourself to follow it even if it doesn't make logical sense.

Does that sound scary – good! That means you are willing to challenge your own perspective and change your old story… and that is where powerful change comes from.

I wish to remind you that you are incredibly wise and intuitive! Even if you have forgotten, or wish you trusted it more often, your link to your intuitive wisdom is alive and well within you, just waiting for opportunities to be allowed and acted upon.

Many Blessings…

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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