We are living in extraordinary times – things are changing so quickly around us. Do you find yourself feeling up and then down… positive and then afraid… in love with yourself and then your own worst enemy? If so, then you are definitely feeling the intensity of the times in which we live.

I believe that it is the desire to live a more heart-centered existence that is the basis for all that is happening around us. As more and more people awaken to their potential, the desire to learn more, understand more and experience more, intensifies. This awakening creates a shift, not only in us, but also in the world around us.

As perspectives change, we often find ourselves living in a paradox – feeling more connected and more confused at the same time… or feeling wise while feeling like we know nothing at all. Life can feel both simple and complex all at the same time – in very much the same way as the human spirit. As we feel we have mastered one thing, we naturally reach for more and in the reaching, any part of our thoughts, beliefs or attitudes that need some fine tuning to allow in more, will be revealed.

So how do you navigate through this confusing landscape? Use the KISS approach – Keep It Simple Silly. Relax, breath, surrender, laugh and nurture yourself more – all things that make you feel better. The unfolding of your life is on track, even at the times when it doesn’t feel like it is.

Many Blessings…

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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