A desire is defined as a wish for more. How much time do you spend wishing for more? How much of your actions and thoughts are then guided by that wish for more?

When you desire something, with all of your heart, you activate a part of you that knows how to manifest what you desire; you activate your inner being to begin seeking ways to help you achieve it. Your desire actually creates the space for you to expand and become more, so that you may allow more. Your desires are a powerful connection to your fullest potential, because they allow you to view yourself differently.

The challenge is then to allow your thoughts and actions to support your desires, rather than allowing your fears to de-rail them. So what do you believe about your ability to have more of what you want? Do you believe that the universe is set up to help you achieve your desires, or not? Do your desires fill you with anticipation at what is to come, or sadness at what you believe you cannot have?

Just for today, think of something that you desire and decide to play with the idea of having it. Sit and daydream or meditate on this question “what would it feel like to have this desire?” This question will help you create the lightness you need to open up to expansion … to open up to allow your desires to be fulfilled. When you can sit in the sweetness of the desire, which activates your inner being, you allow your intuitive and inspired self to support you in its creation.

Many Blessings …

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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