What would you give to find happiness? Do you look outside yourself, wishing that someone or something could make you feel good … or at least better? Do you understand that where you choose to look, dictates what you see and therefore, directs your response to it?

Try this; focus on someone that you love very much. Think about them and how much you enjoy their company or feel good in their presence. Do you find yourself feeling better? Good, then try this; focus on some aspect of yourself that you can appreciate – a quality or characteristic, or maybe something you think you do well (do not judge whether it would be of value to others, simply something YOU can appreciate). Can you feel a lightening within you?

Most people find that when you can begin to look at what works, rather than what doesn’t … or what you desire, rather than what you no longer want … or what you would prefer, versus what you don’t, it makes you feel better. And that shift in your focus might just be what you need to find happiness.

Never underestimate the power of a simple shift in your perspective to lighten your day … and today is all you really have to focus on, so enjoy it!

Many Blessings …

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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