What we love in others is typically what we love about ourselves, however, most of us find it is easier to see good traits in others … and easier still to appreciate them in others.

Think of someone that you love, unconditionally and with all of your heart. Now think of all the things that you love about them. As you are making the list in your mind, can you see how those same characteristics are likely also shared by you? Can you see how what you love in others, you carry within yourself?

The gift of love is that it allows us to see more … to reveal more. We see with new eyes when we look with love, because we look from a place of appreciation.

So, turn that appreciation onto yourself and see yourself with eyes of love. See the truth of the beauty in your soul and allow yourself to feel love and appreciation, even if just for this moment.

After all, life is just a series of moments and each moment that you can appreciate yourself is a moment that feels good. And aren’t “feeling good moments” what life is really all about?

Many Blessings …

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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