We live in a hectic world. We are constantly bombarded by messages and opinions about everything. What to think, feel and believe about our self and our world can become conflicted and confused by the sheer volume of information available to us.

The ability to know what we truly believe, independent of everything around us (or more precisely, everything outside of us), takes focus. It takes the desire to pay attention to our inner world to a greater degree than our outer world.

So … would you like a clearer perspective of yourself and your world? Then learn to quiet your mind. Breath deeply, send messages of relaxation through your body and tune in to the thoughts that feel right for you. There is great peace that can come from making sense of your world by listening to your heart.

Enjoy and have an amazing day!

Many Blessings …

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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