In life you get to be right or to be happy … to be right or to be love.

Do you often feel the need to defend your point of view? Do you know that you are right and you need others to know it too? Are you willing to fight for your perspective, even on the little things or things that don’t really matter? If so, then perhaps you don’t completely believe you are right either.

Is it possible that the times when you are fighting the most to be right, you are actually trying the hardest to convince yourself of your own wisdom? Perhaps you are rebelling against the programming that you heard, and accepted, that said that "you don’t know enough" or "what you believe isn’t right" or "someone else knows more". Perhaps when you are entering into an adversarial role to make someone else wrong and prove yourself right, you are actually trying to convince yourself of your own greatness.

Within each of us there is a wise Inner Being that knows, understands, feels and recognizes great truth. When we trust in our wisdom, we become guided to deal with things from a loving and peaceful context. When we don’t know how to trust, believe and follow our own wisdom, we create inner conflict that is often expressed in a need to be seen as being right. Perhaps you have a fear of being wrong, or a fear of doing something wrong, or perhaps you just fear your own power. It does not matter why, just that each time you need to prove yourself right, you are rejecting your own wisdom … you are rejecting just being love.

So I would like to offer this thought to you – I KNOW that you are a wise and powerful being with access to great wisdom. Do you know it? Sit in a quiet place and put your hand on your heart area and take some deep breathes as you allow your focus to center in your body, right where you feel your hand. Now focus on these words “I am wise … I am powerful … I am knowing”. Feel them in your body; do you feel the peacefulness of hearing truth? If this feels difficult for you, then practise it regularly until you begin to believe it. Then you will notice something amazing happens … you will feel less desire to fight for your rightness, make others wrong or need to prove your own wisdom.

I am not suggesting that you should not stand up for your opinion. I am suggesting that every time you need to be right and make someone else wrong, the energy of that adversarial position becomes the guiding force for what you think, feel and do and you will not see any way other than the fight. However, once you really believe in your own power … your own truth, then your intuition will guide you into the words and actions you need without all the fight, conflict or need to make someone else wrong.

Never underestimate the power of love of self, truth and wisdom to transform you and your world. So enjoy!

Many Blessings …

Melody Rae Jones

This e-Card was created with love from my heart to yours. Enjoy!
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