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Soulful Infusion – Confidence

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We live in an interesting and sometimes challenging time. Collectively, individually and globally we are moving into a new level of consciousness, one in which more soulful and heart-centered energy, emotions, choices and actions are deemed necessary, timely and important.

These changes are bringing up areas to be worked through within each of us, along with the confusion, fears, worries, doubts and resistance that can often accompany change. It is human nature to sometime resist the very thing that you want or need, simply because you may have grown accustomed to the old, are fearful of the new, or are functioning from an outdated story in your mind.

This recording is energetically infused to assist you with dissolving old patterns, so you can move through your inner resistance and connect back into your purpose, passion and guidance. In this way, your own personal landscape can be changed from the inside out – thus creating a stronger connection with your soulful inner nature, so that your own unique wisdom, brilliance and light can emerge and guide you forward.