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Release Your Fear and Ease Your Mind Meditation

The 'Release Your Fears and Ease Your Mind' Soul Notes Meditation creates a more grounded and centered space, allowing you to experience a greater sense of peace and calm in difficult times. It can also provide you with the insights you need to be a beacon of hope, light, transformation and clarity for yourself, your family and others.

There is healing and opportunity in all things, and this meditation can support you with creating a deeper emotional and soulful connection to:
  • soften and calm your fears, worries, doubts and concerns;
  • expand into your wisdom;
  • allow your intuition, insights and guidance to flow more easily;
  • bring increased awareness to your experiences; and
  • create an enhanced sense of well-being.

This meditation is energetically infused with healing energies that affect change deep within your body, to transform your experiences beyond the meditation.
Release Your Fears and Ease Your Mind
Soul Notes Meditation
$700CDN plus GST

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