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Clarity Sessions

Where in your life do you need change, transformation &/or clarity?

Do you ever wonder…
  • What is at the root of issues in my life?
  • How can I become more intuitive?
  • Where do I limit myself, or have outdated patterns and perspectives that keep me stuck?
  • Are there ways to better navigate the world as a Highly Sensitive and Empathic person?
  • What are my gifts and how can I use them more consciously in my life?
  • What are the lessons, messages and opportunities waiting to be discovered within my experiences?

Everyone at times can feel stuck or blocked, or even confused about who they are and how their life is unfolding. Clarity Sessions will guide you to tap into your True Nature, to release limitations, clear resistance, and access more of your internal wisdom and guidance.

Sessions are:
  ✔ Personalized and interactive.
  ✔ Include my unique blend of personal inner work, powerful energy integrations, insightful information and practical advice.
Melody's gifts are truly remarkable! Her guidance is so pure and full of divine love. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking profound spiritual healing, understanding and transformation.
– Sarah Weanus–Montreal, PQ

Clarity Sessions are useful for:

❤  Accessing greater insight, intuition and self-awareness
❤  Bringing resolution to an issue or challenge within your life
❤  Releasing fears, old patterns and limitations
❤  Learning how to better work more with your Sensitive and Empathic nature
❤  Providing clarity and action around a goal or situation
❤  Transforming insecurities to step into more confidence and courage
❤  Becoming more heart-centered, authentic and conscious in your everyday life
❤  Discovering more of your infinite self, gifts and abilities
Available In Person, By Phone or Online (Using Zoom)
50 Minute Session
    CDN plus GST
  25 Minute Session
    CDN plus GST
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