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Embrace Your Highly Sensitive & Empathic Nature
30 Day Intensive

Embrace your "Gift of Senstivity" as you discover how to use the wisdom of your emotionally intuitive nature to transform your world.

Does this sound like you?

  • You interpret information through your emotional body with gut hunches, vibes and "feelings"
  • Your mood seems to change suddenly for no apparent reason
  • You seem to know what others are feeling, wanting or needing (often better than they do)
  • You are easily affected by the moods of those around you
  • You feel overly responsible to make others happy or feel good
  • You get caught in should's and supposed to's very easily
  • You feel things deeply and are sometimes thought of as shy or too serious
  • You can be overly sensitive to smells, sounds, medications or certain foods
  • You over-think or worry too much
  • You can feel overwhelmed or overloaded by even small things
Do you recognize yourself here? Then you are likely
Highly Sensitive and Empathic.

Your sensitive nature and all of the insights and information
that it brings is a gift… to you and to the world!

Highly Sensitives Empaths are gifted, intuitive and creative individuals. Born with an innate sense of knowing, they feel and sense things long before others do. With a rich inner world and strong inner connection, they just know things.

'Hard-wired' to interpret information through their emotional body, they feel things deeply. With built in truth-detectors, they know when people are telling the truth and can feel out of sorts with anything less than real or authentic. As a result of this deep internal connection, they can often feel disconnected in our sensory overloaded and logic driven world.

As children, many were told that their sensitivity was a problem… "quit being so sensitive”, "don’t be so emotional" and "be more logical and realistic" were often the messages that they heard. Taking on these messages has left many Senstives unsure how to navigate through the insights, feelings and situations they are experiencing.

Stepping into a more empowered place with your sensitivity can be both
a powerful inner calling… and a challenging proposition.

Trapped in a sea of confusing external messages, internal conflict and out-dated belief
systems, many struggle to find a sense of center and balance with their "Gift of Sensitivity".

If this feels true for you, then you were born to perceive the world through your strong emotional and intuitive insights. You are highly in-tune, internally connected, and have profound inner wisdom, guidance and gifts. If the messages that you heard (and accepted) is that your emotional and sensitive nature is not okay, then you may have blocked yourself from fully experiencing and expressing your "Gift of Sensitivity" in a way that most serves you. This program will help you to tap back into your most authentic and powerfully guided Sensitive nature.

This Personalized Intensive will focus on 5 Blocks that many Highly Sensitives experience:

Block #1: It's Not Okay to Be Me

Block #2: Where Are My Boundaries

Block #3: Can I Trust Myself

Block #4: What Is Mine

Block #5: It's Not Okay to Feel or Want Too Much
About this Intensive

Achieve powerful results in this customized program that is designed to meet your specific goals and unique challenges by incorporating:

Powerful Inner work and Energy Integrations Release your inner resistance, limitations and blocks to your inner peace and success.

Intuitive Mentoring Reconnect back to your own True Nature to access more joy, insight, inspiration, guidance and your highest state of well-being.

Mindset and Belief Work Transform your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your world to support the changes that you desire.

Empowering Information Discover ways to access your most divine, intuitive and creative self in the creation of your goals.

Heart-Centered Approach Receive support and guidance to understand, appreciate and work with your deeply emotional and sensitive nature in a way that others programs may not address.

What You Receive

This Intensive will guide you to achieve lasting results using my unique combination of inner transformation, interactive exercises, intuitive information and powerful energy tools and techniques. It includes:

√ 3– Personalized Sessions
Scheduled approximately 2 weeks apart
√ 2 – Soul Notes Meditations
Each time you listen they will guide you to claim your Highly Sensitive Empathic nature – "Accepting my Gift of Sensitivity" and "Creating Strong Boundaries".
√ Empowering Tips, Tools and Processes
Create new patterns and experiences for working with your Highly Sensitive Empathic nature.
√ Customized Exercises and Assigments
Receive what you need to support your personal objectives for this intensive.
√ Ongoing Email Support
Ask questions, gain clarity and receive support throughout the Intensive.
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