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Expand Your Intuition

30 Day Intensive

What if the answers you've been searching for already exist within you? Discover your Personal Intuitive Style and expand your ability to be accurately and intuitively guided.

bird Do you struggle to trust in something as intangible as intuition, believing you couldn’t possible have more wisdom than those around you deemed an authority?

Are you easily de-railed by inner criticisms, worries and doubts, not sure which 'voice' to listen to – the one of reason and logic, or the one guiding you into new territory?

Do you miss or dismiss some of your intuition because you think it should look a certain way… for example, wishing you could hear your guidance, instead of seeing signs around you, OR having a knowing that you could trust in, instead of a feeling you might mis-interpret?

You are not alone. The struggle to trust something as illogical as intuition can seem out of step in a world that places so much faith in logic.

Where your logic serves to tells you what 'has been', your intuition shows you what 'could be'.

The truth is…

woman  You are wise – even if you don’t always know how to completely trust or believe in your wisdom.

 There isn’t anything in your life right now that you don’t have access to answers or guidance about (you just may need to "turn up the volume" a bit on your intuition).

 Once you understand how your wisdom shows up, it will transform your level of intuition by showing you how to recognize and work with the signs, symbols and opportunities that show up specifically for you.

 Your intuition is a relationship that wants to be present every day to support and guide you through your choices and actions (big and small), not just something that hits you occasionally when you really need to be aware of something.

 As you build your relationship with your intuition, it's ability to guide you more regularly and consistently increases, allowing you to tap in more automatically and authentically to your wise Inner Sage.

Discovering how my intuition shows up has been a game changer for me. I now see that I am much more intuitive than I realized and I can recognize my intuition more easily when it does happen.
– Shelley

There are many ways for intuition to come through… do you know yours? Each person’s intuition comes in differently, however, within that is a framework for understanding your personal Intuitive Style. Are you more visual or auditory? Do you feel or sense things, or do you just know? Within those question lays a powerful platform for understanding, working with and expanding your intuition.

In this Personalized One-on-One Intensive you will discover:

  • Your personal Wisdom Profile, which outlines how your intuition shows up for you.
  • How your style of intuition influences how you perceive and process information from the world around you, and how you can use it to enhance your communication style, decision making, personal motivation, inner guidance and much more.
  • Your most effective ways of receiving insight and guidance, along with practical ways to become more intuitive.
  • The release of unconscious promises, limitations, blocks, patterns and barriers that may be preventing you from receiving, trusting and/or acting upon more of your intuition.
  • How to tap into your inspiration as a more dominant guiding force in your life.
About this Intensive

Achieve powerful results in this personalized Intensive designed to meet your specific goals and unique challenges by incorporating:

Inner Transformation with Energy Integrations
Release your unconscious patterns, beliefs, triggers and emotional information that are at the root of limitations around your intuition.
Intuitive Mentoring
Tap into your inner wisdom and self-mastery to create powerful new perspectives, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions that increase your intuitive connection.
Empowerment Tools
Discover new tools, tips and strategies for understanding and increasing your connection to your Wise Inner Sage.
Powerful Results
Achieve lasting results in this interactive program which uses my unique combination of interactive exercises, intuitive information, and powerful energy tools and techniques.
What You Receive

bird 2 – 60 Minute Mentoring Sessions with personalized content to help you connect more with your intuition.

1 – 30 Minute Q&A Session to answer any questions you have and provide Next Steps in working with your intuition.

The Wisdom Profiles Assessment Tool to determine and clarify your personal Intuitive Style.

Wisdom Profiles eBook which outlines the details of your Intuitive Style, including strengths, potential areas for growth, best environment, motivation and much more.

Intuition Tools, Processes & Techniques geared towards your personal Intuitive Style, to enhance your ability to expand your intuition.

30 Days of Email Access to answer your questions, and provide motivation, support and clarity.

On a Personal Note…

Your intuition and wisdom are a relationship to be cultivated. It is innate and unique within each person, and its sole mission is to partner with you for your betterment.

Using my over 25 years of experience guiding thousands of individuals to tap into their own unique approach, I discovered patterns for how wisdom presents itself. Based on that information, along with insights gleaned from my own inner guidance, I created my Wisdom Profiles.

Perhaps you are someone who hears beneath the words and finds wisdom within language… or whose inner emotional or physical nature guides you forward… or someone who sees what others do not… or perhaps you effortlessly receive insightful thoughts and ideas.

Whatever your way, discovering your special relationship with intuition is a powerful step in expanding your ability to be divinely, intuitively and accurately guided.

Expand Your Intuition Intensive – 30-Day Program
Available by Phone or Online using Zoom
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