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Inner Wisdom Mentoring
3 or 6 Month Programs

Disover the power of a mentoring relationship that will allow you to release your limitations, and tap into your inner wisdom, gifts and divine path. Personalized to your specific needs and goals, this program will provide you with the shifts, tools and support your need to Live Your Truth.


Expand Your Intuition
30 Day Intensive

You are divinely guided each day to live your best life. This 30-Day Intensive will illuminate your personal Intuitive Style and release the unconscious blocks and patterns that may be preventing you from receiving, trusting and acting upon more of your intuition.


Embrace Your Highly Sensitive & Empathic Nature
30 Day Intensive

Are you a natural empath who would like to better understand and utilize your "Gift of Sensitivity"? This Intensive will guide you to discover the power of your sensitive nature, ways to deal more effectively with your empathic nature, and tools to support you as you move forward.


Personal Appointment

A personal appointment is an opportunity for you to focus on the areas of your life that you desire change in. The session is interactive, offering a unique blend of personal inner work, powerful energy integrations, insightful information and practical advice designed to bring about changes in your life.


Book a Complimentary Discovery Session

Personalized programs are a powerful to propel you forward with the personal transformation that you wish to experience. Schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session to see if one of my programs might be fit for you and your personal goals.



Read what my clients have to say about the transformation they experienced working with me.