A Message of Love

It’s a particularly trying time in our history. Fear, anger, aggression and confusion are running rampant. For many who are highly sensitive to the energy and emotional information all around us, things are particularly intense.

So if you are someone who takes on the worries, fears and emotions of others, then you are not alone!

There are so many collective Healers, Light Leaders and Conscious Evolutionaries alive right now for a reason. So many highly evolved, light-filled and loving individuals who are here right now with a mission to make their piece of this planet better.

Is this you?

While it can feel like a lot, you came here to be a place holder of light and love during these dark and difficult times.

And so I’m asking you to declare loudly and proudly that you are here to claim light and love as your companions through all of this right now.

For so many of us, we grew up hearing and believing that it’s not okay to be too emotional, or that our sensitivities are wrong. I used to feel that this part of me was a problem that needed to be fixed (or repressed). But the simple truth is this… those very attributes that we hold as Highly Sensitives of light, love, compassion and a desire for the highest good, are exactly what the world needs more of right now.

We are exactly what the world needs right now.

So I ask myself daily, and sometimes even hourly… “What would love do?”

Because the extreme thinkers who believe that their way is right or best for everyone, are operating from a level of fear and anger that cannot include intuition, inner guidance or even opportunities to find better ways forward.

But as a Highly Sensitive Light Leader following the divine truth of love, you can.

Dear Light Holders, please find the compassion and love within your heart that you came here to hold. All is not done or lost. New insights, information, healing and levels of consciousness are unfolding every day and being brought forward to those whose hearts are open to them. And once all of this craziness has settled down, we all have an opportunity to say that this time of trial by fire, brought more purpose and tolerance to our lives.

So I ask you to breathe and open your heart to invite in love and light. Then allow yourself to see past the fears, the anger, the ‘us against them’ thinking and ask your heart, “What am I here to do and how can I hold more light and love for all to see a way forward towards a better tomorrow?”.

I send you all my love.