Do you have regrets… that voice in your head that says “my life would have been better if only I had done this, or hadn’t done that”?

I know I do.

Then I was reading a book in which a woman decides to commit suicide and lands in a place in between life and death. While there, she is able to look at her regrets and travel to parallel universes to see how her life would have been different with another choice. Read On!

Bringing In New Energy

Try Something New Today

Releasing Resistance on Your Soulful Journey

We are in the midst of a massive awakening. More and more people are heeding the inner call of their soul to awaken to their highest potential, and trust their True Nature as the dominant guiding force within their life.

Within this massive shift, there is also an opposing force that resists this change. As more and more spiritual energy becomes available for those who are awake to their own insights and inspirations, you will find others, and even aspects of yourself, that desire the status quo instead of something new. Whether conscious or not, the desire to numb, tune out or disconnect from this powerful inner calling, creates equally powerful resistance (how strange that we often resist the very thing that we either want or need!).

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Woulda … Coulda … Shoulda

I used to look longingly at life, wishing for things that I didn’t think I could have, or do, or be. I realized that there were so many things that I wished I’d done or tried, and it made me sad. So I made a decision to face my fears, try more new things and eliminate woulda, coulda, shoulda from my vocabulary (“I wish I woulda”, “I coulda done that”, “I shoulda tried, etc.). 

From that point on, when faced with a new opportunity that scared me, one that in the past I would have talked myself out of trying for fear of failure, I began to list the worst case scenario. I would ask myself, “what’s the worst that could happen and can I live with that?”. I discovered that the answer was often YES. And not only could I live with the worst that could happen, I was so excited by the possibility of the best that could happen … and how my life could change if it did.

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