Releasing Resistance on Your Soulful Journey

We are in the midst of a massive awakening. More and more people are heeding the inner call of their soul to awaken to their highest potential, and trust their True Nature as the dominant guiding force within their life.

Within this massive shift, there is also an opposing force that resists this change. As more and more spiritual energy becomes available for those who are awake to their own insights and inspirations, you will find others, and even aspects of yourself, that desire the status quo instead of something new. Whether conscious or not, the desire to numb, tune out or disconnect from this powerful inner calling, creates equally powerful resistance (how strange that we often resist the very thing that we either want or need!).

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2020 – The Year of the Sensitive Soul

Hi my name is Melody and I am a Sensitive“. While true, those words have often struck a chord of confusion, frustration, loneliness and even shame for me.

I have always been Sensitive, I just tried to hide it for much of my life. Growing up I pretended I didn’t feel things deeply, tried to be more ‘logical’ and followed the path of my family that left me with the message that emotions were tricky, messy and at best, something to be tolerated, not celebrated.

It’s challenging being a Sensitive and even though I have worked diligently to come to terms with that part of my nature, I see how far I still have to go with it.

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Doggy Life Lessons – Nothing Is Too Big

I am having so much fun with my sweet little puppy Willow. Right now she is 3 months old and weighs 2.6 pounds (she’s small, but mighty!). She brings so much joy into my life and is constantly showing me new ways to look at things.

I had some doggy toys laying around and I was sure that this big ball would be too large for her. Wrong! I guess Nothing is Too Big When You Put Your Whole Heart Into It.

Loving Reminders – Open Your Heart

Open your Heart and let it guide you… it knows the way!

Loving Reminders – Share Your Light

Your amazing and unique light is needed!