Feeling Overwhelmed (Video)

As a Highly Sensitive and Empathic person, it can become easy to get lost in the energy going on around you – particularly at intense, challenging or difficult times. And the more people that are involved in a situation, often the more you might be feeling (even from strangers!).

Do you ever find that:
• you feel overloaded and/or overwhelmed.
• you just don’t feel like yourself.
• your mood seems to change for no particular reason.
• you have thoughts that don’t seem to make sense for you.
• your head feels so ‘full of cotton’ that you can’t think straight OR your mind is so full that you can’t think straight.

Then you may have stepped into others frame of reference and/or become engulfed in intense energies around you and are feeling the effects of that.

It can be a challenge to process all of the information that you receive as a Highly Sensitive. However, just having the awareness that all that you are feeling may not be your own, can be huge in helping you to separate and disconnect from it.

This short video will guide you through a breathing technique that can help you to clear the clutter and become more centered, grounded and connected back into your innate inner wisdom. Enjoy!