Love as a Consciousness

June 22, 2022

I was working with a client who tapped into the feeling of divine and unconditional love so strong and so powerful, that I could even feel it in her. In that moment, she recognized that she had a divine mission to extend that love forward.

That is the feeling of Love as a Consciousness – of tapping into love on such a grand scale that it is all encompassing and beautifully transformative.

In our English language, we have only one word to describe so many different types of love… such as loving chocolate cake, or loving a beautiful sunset, or loving your friends and family. Only one word that’s intended to capture such a big and deep emotion. It doesn’t seem like enough.

But behind all of the experiences you have with love, including moments of feeling joy and happiness, there is a unifying field of energy that is expansive, uniting, inclusive and kind.

I remember one perfect summer day I was taking a walk down a country road. Up ahead I noticed some beautiful, tall yellow flowers that were growing wild by the side and I couldn’t wait to get closer to see what they were. Well, you may have guessed it – they were just dandelions. I laughed out loud so hard at the idea that the very thing that I am always trying to get rid of in my lawn, in that moment was bringing me such joy.

That is the power of tapping into that unifying field of loving energy – it allows you to see ordinary things through a new lens, so you can see their beauty, a deeper perspective or something more that can enrich your life.

In this space you see all the goodness that exists in and around you, so you can experience more honest and loving connections, easier and more accurate intuition, and the ability to feel more comfy in your own skin.

So how can you consciously tap into that even more? By choosing to see the best in who or what is around you. By seeing that love is a part of everything and treating it accordingly. By choosing to have more tolerance, greater acceptance, deeper appreciation and unlimited kindness.

"What’s right about this?" or "What common ground can I find in this?" are great questions to ask that allow you to automatically tap into this energy, and infuse the idea of Love as a Consciousness into all that you do.

And isn’t that exactly what we need more of in the world right now.

So what can you do that will allow you to tap into that expanded feeling of love or joy? Now go do it!!