The Power of Awareness

October 1, 2021

Our brains are not designed to handle too much uncertainty. Recognizable patterns and habits keep your brain calm, allowing you to feel safe, motivated and inspired.

But what happens when there is too much uncertainty? The response in your brain is a sense of being threatened or feeling unsafe, which turns on your 'fight, flight or freeze' response and creates anxiety.

And the more you focus on the uncertainty, without doing anything to alleviate it, the more anxious you become. So add in a pandemic with vast amounts of information that seem to focus on either worst-case-scenarios or scientific best guesses, and it makes sense that so many people are feeling anxious.

For some, their response is to obsess over their fears, or overdose on the very information that is creating the uncertainty, or attempt to manipulate or control those around them, all in an effort to feel some sense of power and certainty again. But that doesn’t work.

So what does?

There are things that you can do to calm down your brain and as a Highly Sensitive, they may be things that you already intrinsically know will bring an increased sense of well-being. And the beautiful thing is that as your anxiety decreases, your ability to thinking intuitively and find 'your own truth' increases. They are:

  • stay optimistic that things can get better, even if things feel hard right now;
  • be present and grounded – the more in the future you think, the more anxious you will feel;
  • seek a larger and more meaningful perspective for yourself and your current circumstances; and
  • allow your own insights, intuition or guidance to inform your choices and opinions.

Your Light Is Needed

As a Highly Sensitive, you are a natural beacon of divine light. With your innate ability to seek the higher perspective, and allow your intuition and natural optimism to guide you forward, you are a positive motivating force for others at times of uncertainty.

Sometimes the idea of holding space for light and love can feel a little passive, but action does not need to be big or externally visible in order to be powerful and impactful. Being more conscious and aware, opening your heart, breathing, meditating, praying, connecting, loving, laughing, following intuition, feeling everything fully, seeking the higher meaning, or bringing peace and calm to a space, are all active and empowering ways to create change.

There is a deeper awareness or awakening happening right now and if you can feel that in your Soul, it is calling you to be this beacon of divine love for those around you. Many wisdom holders and conscious beings are right now holding the space for hopefulness, change and higher levels of thinking. So many are feeling called, empowered and propelled forward in ways that can bring healing, peace and balance to those around them, in both big and small ways.

So to you dear Light Ones, I salute you. I send you my love. I send you my prayers. I see us all coming together in a global community that is empowered by a higher state of love, and fueled by the passion to move past fear and separation, and into a more compassionately guided and intuitively-based way of being.