Releasing Resistance on Your Soulful Journey

We are in the midst of a massive awakening. More and more people are heeding the inner call of their soul to awaken to their highest potential, and trust their True Nature as the dominant guiding force within their life.

Within this massive shift, there is also an opposing force that resists this change. As more and more spiritual energy becomes available for those who are awake to their own insights and inspirations, you will find others, and even aspects of yourself, that desire the status quo instead of something new. Whether conscious or not, the desire to numb, tune out or disconnect from this powerful inner calling, creates equally powerful resistance (how strange that we often resist the very thing that we either want or need!).

As a Heart-Centered and Highly Sensitive individual on the path of awakening into the journey of your soul, you will likely be feeling these opposing forces the most, from both within and around you. Seeking balance between head-and-heart, human-and-soul, and mine-and-yours becomes much more difficult when you are feeling overloaded or burdened by this energy, and you may find yourself dealing with conflicting messages, out of whack emotions, or intense physical reactions… and it’s not all yours!

Does this sound or feel familiar? You feel a surge of uplifting energy or sense of well-being, followed by resistance, fears or doubts… you feel powerfully and divinely connected, and then separate, alone or disconnected… you feel wise and empowered, and then overloaded or overwhelmed. If so, without even realizing it, you may be tuning into all of the resistance around you and processing everything through your mental, emotional and/or physical bodies.

To all of you beautiful Sensitive souls, I get it and I’m right there with you.

So my message is this… Stop and Breathe. Taking even a few deep breathes will center and relax your body. Then ask “what is mine?“.

Without needing an answer, allow yourself to recognize that this question will begin opening up the pathway to connect into your own feelings, thoughts and perspectives, and away from anything that isn’t yours.

Then in your mind’s eye, imagine seeing yourself moving away from anything that is not yours. You can see it as a shape or color, or anything else that shows up to represent this release. You can also imagine feeling a lightening in your body as you begin to shed these energies that you no longer need to feel or process anymore.

Then imagine breathing in light, color, or the feeling of love, all the way down to your toes. Continue to breathe this energy deeply into every cell in your body. You can also repeat a mantra or uplifting words to solidify this new energy (for example “I am love“, “I open to the divine with me“, etc.).

Done of a regular basis, this short exercise will allow you to navigate some of the changes and shifts that you may be feeling during this time.

If you find this process helpful, or you have something else that works well for you, feel free to share it. Send me a message – I’d love to hear from you.