Seeking Happiness

I was speaking with a client recently and we got on the subject of happiness. She said something that I’ve heard from countless people over the years – “I have so much and yet all I really want is to be happy and I don’t know how to get there”.

I think many people feel blessed to have a good life, with great people in it and wonderful opportunities. And yet… something is still missing.

The desire to seek happiness is natural. Yet in actuality, happiness is fleeting… it can change moment to moment and is hugely influenced by external factors. And the truth is, sometimes life throws a wrench into things right when everything seems to be moving along just fine.

That’s why the desire for happiness can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle – because it is!

The desire for happiness is actually a Soul’s Calling to connect more with your authentic nature. It is a desire at the deepest level to create more of a sense of peace, contentment and fulfillment that comes from living true to who you are. Once cultivated, those deep inner feelings take ahold of you and your life in a way that allows them to nurture and nourish you at a deepest level, regardless of what is going on around you.

And the beautiful this is that each and every day there are opportunities to share more of yourself, your gifts, your wisdom, your voice, your heart, your truth and your love. In this way you naturally expand more into yourself and experience the joy of this deep and enriching inner connection.

So what parts of you are asking to be expressed? Where do you hold yourself back? Where are you afraid to be more, or to do more? Where are you your own worst critic, when you could be your best supporter?

These are powerful questions on your journey towards greater peace, fulfillment and a deeper Soul-ful connection… and you have the answers.